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Hepatitis B and C

  • Hepatitis B is a virus infecting liver and is the major cause for chronic liver disease, cirrhosis and liver cancer, particularly in India, Asia and other developing countries. India has more than 37 million HBV infection; about 15–25% of them are likely to suffer from cirrhosis and liver cancer and may die prematurely. Of the 2.6 Crore (26 million) infants born every year in India.

  • There is a need for awareness, detection and public health measures to prevent disease transmission and decrease the burden of the disease. The importance is to identify the asymptomatic, hence the World hepatitis day celebration kept the theme “Find the Missing Millions”. We request you all to have tested for hepatitis and ensure vaccine irrespective of age, gennder and comorbidity to prevent this menance.

  • Hepatitis C is a virus infection of liver and mostly blood borne i.e. by contaminated blood transfusion, surgery, needle prick, unsafe syringe and injecting drug abusers. It is most infectious virus i.e. 100 times more chance infection than the HIV. Once infected in 85% cases it becomes chronic liver disease may progress to cirrhosis and liver cancer in a period of 15-20 years.

  • Simple medicine for 3-6 months bring cure of this problem and is better than hepatitis b in terms of treatment. Hence join the global effort to eliminate heoatitis C by 2030 by your contribution i.e. get tested and get treated. Now there is a national health programme and also many state government providing free treatment, Its our understanding and care that matters most to treat this.