Capsule Endoscopy 


A capsule endoscopy is a procedure that involves swallowing a small capsule, which is the size of a large vitamin pill. Inside the capsule is a tiny wireless camera that takes pictures as it passes through the small intestine. Images are transmitted to a recording device worn on a belt around your waist.



This capsule can be easily swallowed. As it enters your body, the camera inside clicks several thousand pictures along its journey through your bowels. These images are recorded on an external device Capsule endoscopy is a safe and simple procedure. But you may be at risk if the capsule gets stuck in your gastrointestinal tract.



Some doctors may use a patency capsule, which is used to test the risk of the capsule getting stuck. If your system allows a patency capsule to pass through, it can pass a video endoscopy capsule, too.



The cost of capsule for endoscopy can vary based on your location, healthcare provider, and medical insurance. The procedure can be expensive because the capsule is disposable. But it can be safer and better than a colonoscopy for some people.‌

capsule endoscopy

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