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Dr Ashok Choudhury
Dr Ashok Choudhury
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Dr. Ashok Choudhury

Dr Ashok Choudhury.

MBBS (Hons, Gold Medallist), MD (Internal Medicine) and DM (Hepatology)

Additional Professor of Hepatology and Liver Transplant, Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences

(Autonomous Institute under Govt of NCT Delhi), New Delhi.



What's New

Liver Services by Dr. Ashok Choudhury


Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells to support the poorly functioning liver cell may help in improvement in liver function...
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Advanced Liver Care

Liver Disease need experience, expertise, evidence based and latest knowledge and skill...
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Fecal Microbiota Transplant

Gut i.e. intestine and the microbiome reflects how our liver is going to work. So stool transplant ...
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Artificial Liver Support system

When the liver fails, needs to support. This is a bridging therapy to help remove toxin ...
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Liver and GI Nutrition

Nutrition is the cornerstone for managing a patient with gastrointestinal and liver problem....
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Nutrition is the cornerstone for managing a patient with gastrointestinal and liver problem...
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Holistic Liver Health

Liver needs a holistic approach to remain healthy. The diet, exercise, mental health...
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Liver Critical Care

Liver Critical Care

Critical care is the most important as far as liver disease is concerned and need...
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Liver Transplant

When the liver not working properly, you need to function well with a new liver from a donor...
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Hepatic Hemodynamics

Its to measure the liver pressure like your blood pressure, called as HVPG and TJLB....
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Weight loss Endoscopy

When your effort to reduce is exhausted, you have comorbidity leading to inability to do so....
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Comprehensive Liver Cancer care

Cancer is curable when detected early. Liver cancer is challenging, but the experience of dealing...
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Therapeutic Endoscopy

It is the medical term for an endoscopic procedure during which treatment is carried out...
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