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As a Social Activist

  • Being in a critical and emergency speciality (gastroenterology and hepatology), his phone is open to all the patients at distress. His support at need, beyond his service was hugely described by thousands of his patients, many of social activists and NGOs who were benefited.
  • His onvolvement with patients , not only for treatment but also for mental support, counselling and to be part of their personalised care was shared by thousands of patients across the country.
  • His passion to serve the mass at large in prevention of the liver disease and many other life style diseases. For which he very often visitis corporate office, educational institute and universities in odisha and till date nearlly 20 such large gatherings he made to aware and adopt his advice.
  • Life style diseases, adopting holistic health, mental, spiritual wellbeing and to promote preventive health, his programme has been a centre of attraction for youth, middle aged and also for senior citizens.
  • Hepatitis is deadly disease, but preventable and curable if timely detected and treated. For this, he is a running campaign “Know Hepatitis-No Hepatitis”. The target is the school and college students, who can learn, adopt and disseminate the knowledge both for the family and sorrounding. Till date he was able to interact with nearly 25 school and 3000 students, interacted with them physically or virtually in districs khurdha, cuttack, puri of Odisha.
  • Continously he is publishing the liver health related aticles for the masses as well in various TV programmes to disseminates the knowledge